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Ready to Teach Curriculums for Education.

We develop foundational
skills from infancy to adulthood.


Educational Resources for New Parents & Educators.

Our interactive curriculums develops independent, life-long problem solvers.

  • Access through a simple web page that shows all lessons and activities
  • Content tailored for new parents and educators getting started in teaching children
  • Easily teach at home by parents, or in classrooms by educators through our platform
Watch how parents and educators use the Step One Platform to teach infants.


A Modernized Online Montessori Program.

We’ve created a step by step, Montessori-based, development plan that can be followed week by week from infancy to adulthood.

  • Prepare children for careers in emerging fields within science, technology, engineering and science (STEM)
  • Guided, step by step instructions for Montessori lessons and activities allows this to be taught by any educator, parent, or caregiver
  • Instills and develops key soft skills within children such as problem solving, leadership, and independence
Explore key features of Step One to see how teaching Technology can be simple.


STEM Curriculums and Resources in One Place.

Educators can skip the research and focus on Teaching technology to students with Step One.

This unique combination creates a foundation for people to use Technology to innovate in today's business environment.

  • Ready-To-Teach STEM Curriculums and Lesson Plans
  • No software download - just log in and teach
  • Interactive software labs, printable worksheets, and teaching resources
How having a background in 2 specific subjects can future proof your professional skills.


  • Step One is a learning platform that helps Educators with no technical background teach complex technology topics to K12 students. Our platform contains ready-to-teach curriculums, lessons, and resources needed to teach the technology concepts that drive today's business environment.

  • For an Individual Account with a year access, our pricing is TBD. 
  • Bulk accounts for Educational Institutions can also be purchased. The pricing is TBD.

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